Tuesday, 22 January 2013

The Cath Kidston one

Last week I teased you with a preview of my old Cath Kidston print - Blue Rosie, I think. 
You all wanted to know what I was going to do with it so...
...I shall keep you waiting til the end of this post!
I was trying to remember when I bought the wallpaper and fabric, and couldn't. I know I used some of it in a house we sold 8 years ago, so way back. Anyway, anyway, (as Harry and Paul would say) it got me thinking about Cath and how long she's been furnishing our homes for now. I read the other day it was the company's 20th anniversary year. So to celebrate I dug out the oldest catalogue I could find - 2002, one of the first thick ones I think and thought I'd share some pics with you.
 Now whenever I post a photo of food it's usually on my kitchen table with this green paisley oilcloth backdrop. I know I will often get more comments about the tablecloth than the food, which says a lot for my cooking!
I think it must have been one of my first CK purchases, back pre-children and has done me proud. It's been through the washing machine many times and being so busy those awful yellow curry stains just don't stand out!
 I happily dream of bathing somewhere like this. Imagine having a bathroom that big? 
Perhaps you do.
  I like this shot a lot - the simplicity reminds me of an old kitchen I had.
 Cosy living rooms I'd like to snuggle up in on a day like today.
 This must have been when it was all taking off. The previous catalogues were little more than pamphlets and the 'find a store' page made me laugh - only 2 of them back then.

Here's a few of my favourite past purchases. I must say, although I'm a bit sick of the sight of the handbags, Ms Kidston's success has certainly brought me more customers who are interested in vintage style and handmade items and for that I applaud her!
 Well, are you ready...? What did I do with Blue Rosie?
Made a Cath Kidston dressing table of course. Destined for a shop near (?) you soon.
(Sorry about all the clutter in the mirror, this is my junk/work/everything room)
 Now I fancy doing a little poll - Be a good sport, play along and leave me a comment to tell me which is your all time most favourite and best Cath Kidston print? Or maybe you don't like them at all...
For me the oldies are the best. You've probably already guessed, Rose Paisley in the bold not bleached colourways.
Here's a few reminders... 


  1. I love your dressing table creation. Thanks for sharing the catalogue pics with us too, I love the photos of the cahris by the fire. I simply don't have a fav pattern, love them all. the brighter the better though xxxx

  2. Oooh Ellie, that really is an impossible question, really only one? Hmm, taking a glance at my Cath K stash over there...
    Oh golly, I tend to most like the older ones too (so glad to see they seem to be bringing one or two back each season). I think my fave has to be posy (the little tiny floral bouquets on cream), it just looks so vintage. After that, I think it might be another oldie, wiggle stripe (I think that's what it's called). Funnily enough, both of these are not made of her more common cotton duck, fine for furnishings, but are of lighter cotton which I really prefer, I guess because it suits the things I want to sew (and I told the lady so when I met her!) The newest ones are pretty rough to the touch, though.
    Loved seeing the old catalogue, thanks for that, don't think I have any going back that far. I love the rose paisley design (another on mid-weight cotton) and that green is pretty much my fave colour so I am very envious of your tablecloth. Do you think we should petition for them to bring that one back? Some of those photos I recognise as being taken in Cath's home, the sitting room and bathroom in particular, I'm with you on the fabulous sink.
    Finally (!) what a great job you have made of the dressing table, I have always loved those since I was little. I'm sure it won't hang round for long.
    Hen xxx

  3. I hadnt realized that CK had been going as long as that as I have always favoured Laura Ashley fabrics and so on. I do love Cath for evoking memories in me of childhood and those vintage sprigged wallpaper prints that I remember our family rooms being papered in.

  4. ..i have kept all the old catalogues too.....i love flicking through them.....think the old 'boats' design is still a favourite of mine...love it whenever i see it anywhere. x

  5. You've made me want to root all my old catalogues out now! A lovely post, I really like the dressing table. My favourite is anything with roses on, my bedroom has the red Paris Rose wallpaper, soI'll say that one,

    Love Claire xxx

  6. I loved the early CK, not too keen now though, perhaps it's because I've found the real vintage! :) x

  7. ohhhh, I remember early CK.... this brings back memories! I have saved every catalogue and once in a while I have a look through just to see how much the brand has changed! x

  8. ooh - it has to be red with white spots. I love it. also love all the roses ones.

  9. Oh, my all time favourite fabric is the bird design, those little robins are so cute!

    Vanessa x

  10. I remember that catalogue!! You know, I really think the CK stuff from ten years ago was better. And yes, I am sick to death of seeing her handbags EVERYWHERE. My favourite print is the cowboy one, I've always loved it. I don't buy much there any more and the CK things in my home are old and well loved.

    Your dressing table is just gorgeous, a real triumph. Good job!

    Gillian x

  11. I love all of the soft florals, they are my favourite favourites!
    I love your dressing table, what a nice thing to do.


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