Sunday, 20 January 2013

A +1 Weekend

Finally after all that sleeping with their fingers crossed my jammers got the snow they'd longed for!
 On Friday we woke to whiteness and quietness and a bonus day off school. After checking on the feathered and furry friends and digging out the sledge they wanted to go and play.
 Emily Button and Vanilla got their first ride in a sledge. A rather grand contraption, I thought they looked quite royal with their toy car seat placed on the sledge!
Last time we had proper snow was when we lived here
and all the locals made a fantastic giant sized snowman and caterpillar I blogged about here.
Now we are lucky that at the top of our 'new' road is a roman amphitheatre - perfect for sledging.
 And finally the obligatory snowman. 
 I've made use of the indoor time to make some more cushions.
Vintage zoo print fabric, very old I think. I backed them in some vintage mustard velvet and trimmed with grey polka dots. One for Custard Hall and one for De Danann tomorrow.
Meanwhile the jammers were brilliant at entertaining themselves. when all is quiet I let them get on with it and don't interfere. When I did eventually venture upstairs they had made a hotel under a bed and the toys were all checked in at the desk and snuggled down for the night. 
 I know I keep saying it but I just love this kind of play!
Yesterday we took a trip to Sherborne for a spot of hospital visiting.
 These icicles caught my eye.
 I did manage a quick scoot round the shops and picked up this half price toadstool arrangement. I knew it would be perfect for the hedgie house!
I shall leave you with my latest addition to my unit at the De Danann Centre...
The Cath Kidston make to follow in a day or two.
Keep warm.


  1. what a perfect day and so happy to see vanilla enjoying her new life so much!(love the wooly cardi!!!)you were so close....must've walked past my front door!!!they say more snow tuesday....hurrah! x

  2. Great post. Love the toys all snuggled up, nice and cosy. Love the kitchen cupboard and cushions too!

  3. I bet they enjoyed the snow......I adore your new cushions...super cute and your little woodland friends!

  4. Looks as though you had more snow that we did! We managed a snowman's head and will wait to see what tonight brings on the weather front. Keep warm and cosy x

  5. Your children look like they had lots of fun. My children used to make camp under my table with all their dolls as well. But now they are older it's all computers.

  6. Yes snow and more of it! Love those cushions! :) x

  7. I love those cushions - the mustard velvet and grey ribbon show off the print perfectly. Looks like a lovely weekend.

    Gillian x

  8. How lucky to have snow :( I love the hotel under the bed! x

  9. What a wonderful post!
    I love the underbed hotel, I used to play like that.
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  10. Another lovely feast for the eyes! Glad the dollies are wrapped up warm too.

  11. Beautiful snowy photos. I'm glad that your daughters got their wish for snow. Best wishes, Pj x

  12. I love the unit... we had a red one when we first got married in 1972... we should have kept it


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