Thursday, 3 January 2013

New Year finishing off!

Reading every one elses blogs it looks like you all had a great new year celebrations. I saw in the new year catching up on those unfinished projects of 2012. I didn't want to carry anything forward into 2013!
What with opening my unit at Custard Hall virtually unplanned at the beginning of December my making was all focused on restocking there. I had some ideas for things for the jammers but clean ran out of time before the big day. Little Jammer was more than happy with her hedgie home and I've been topping up the leaves this week. In the garage I had a printers tray I wanted to give her with a particular purpose in mind. Despite Eldest Jammer and I wallpapering the back on Christmas Eve it just didn't get done.
So New Years Day brought an extra homemade present under the tree for each of my girls along with apologies from a well meaning but disorganised mum.
You may not have realised from the photo above but Little Jammer's printer's tray is actually a stylish storage solution for her growing Moshi Monster collection. For those of you without children of this age, Moshi Monsters are small hideous bright plastic tat figures your parents waste spend their money on as rewards for spelling tests, new reading level, and the like.
Today we put it up in her bedroom and it was quickly filled with Moshis. A Moshling Zoo apparently.
You can never have enough Moshlings!
 I showed you this sneaky peak of some patchwork a few days ago.
Finally I added some light padding and backed it in a spectacular purple sheet from the charity shop and by midnight I'd finished sewing the buttons on to turn it into a quilt for Eldest Jammer.
 She's very much a fan of bold and bright prints so I knew she would love it. Trying to get a suitable ta-dah photo proved tricky due to the appalling state of her bedroom. I don't know where she gets it from, ahem! So this will do for now until we've had a serious bedroom tidy.
And for anyone else feeling left out and wanting their bit of vintage wallpaper loveliness I finished off this bookcase.
Backed in a collage of vintage wallpapers sourced from Jane and Ada Bea,
it found it's way to my shop today!
 Happy New Year to each and every reader. I've loved reading your comments over the year, please keep them coming. 
And to those who signed up today, thanks for joining the ride into 2013. Let's hope it's a pretty and colourful one!


  1. What a brilliant idea! the printers tray looks brilliant and I really love the bookcase with the patchwork - gorgeous.

  2. We've missed the monsters fad here! KP used to collect littlest pets - very similar - I would say cheap tat but they weren't cheap! There's now a rubber shaped animals craze - why would you need more than one but apparently you do!!!
    Happy New Year!

  3. 2 happy little jammers.......what gorgeous gifts and even the moshlings look amazing!what a fabulous start to 2013 x

  4. You've just motivated me, (kicked me up the backside!) to finish my printers trays! It all looks great, they will just remember what you made them and not get to hung up about when it arrived! :) x

  5. Lovely, inspirational ideas ... Love the printer's tray, and the bookcase ... Need to kick start myself into action instead if being welded to the sofa!

    Love Claire xxx

  6. Well Ellie we do live in paralell universes. We seem to find the same things funny, leave the beasties off our plates, try and do too much, have a daughter who's bedroom we can only show the ceiling of and have tons of moshi things living with us. I laughed at your description of them, so true. I was an old bah humbug in Build-a-Bear today. I gave the girls a £10 gift voucher each and so it was a case of when can we go when can we go? I thought they'd buy clothes as they have 3 each (surely enough as half the cuddlies are in the wardrobe and under the bed). No they needed another one each and then this insane girl who worked there talked lovingly about all the ones she has at home in a very squeaky voice (I thought you need your head feeling girl) and then asked Millie who might be 5ft 6" but looks obviously 10 years old what she was studying at college. She has a rare old humour our Millie so she said medicine with a wry look on her face.

    Now I love your idea for Moshi storage and has got me all in need of a printers tray now which means more Moshi buying to fill the gaps. Own worst enemy there then. Oh and so glad you're joining the swap too.

    Happy New Year.

    Lisa X

  7. Happy New Year Ellie! What can I say, your blog is a feast of gorgeousness to the eyes! Love the idea for the printers tray, what a brilliant storage space.My granddaughters are into moshi monsters and also littlest pet shops and that would be a perfect way to display them.

  8. Yes, I know Moshi Monsters well! I had to make Louis a Moshi cake for his birthday. He'd love a printer's tray to keep all of his moshlings in. What a great idea! xx

  9. ive really enjoyed catching up on your postings...such lovely fabrics used on the patchwork, beautiful and bright. love the printing tray makeover- i saw one in my local gift shop, but sadly it had already been brought...and she was only charging £20 for it ;0) i wasnt quick enough ive wanted one for such a longen hehe.

    happy new year lovely jams ;0)

    p.s love those dreamy white metal beds ;0)x

  10. Happy New Year. Thankfully, we've now passed through the Moshi phase. Hmm, mind you, now it's Warhammer ... nice! M x

  11. Happy New Year! Wow you have been busy. I love the printer's tray and quilt, but sadly don't have a moshi monster collection of my own!
    Here's hoping 2013 will be as productive and successful for you :)

  12. The printers tray looks great, the moshis look very happy in their new home:-) I am thankfull that mine are older, and no moshis live here, but if you were to see my Rosies bedroom, it is the pits of the universe, i try not to go in there any more! I did think of taking the back off the printers tray but it was in pretty bad shape and knew it would just fall apart, hence the two days of mind bogglin rectangles! loving the quilt too.
    happy new year to you and the jammers
    Sophie xx

  13. I just love that printer's tray, you've made it so pretty. And what a stylish solution to the "plastic tat" problem that most of us parents seem to wrestle with on a daily basis! The quilt is gorgeous too and glad to hear it's not just us with untidy children's bedrooms.

    Gillian x

  14. Love your colourful projects. The Moshis fit well into their tray home.

  15. Ditto re: girls bedrooms! At some point going to post a picture of their rooms for posterity - surely they'll look back and laugh at how disorganised they once were;) Love the blog and smile when I recognise some of those sheet patterns!

  16. Hi there
    What a gorgeous blog you have, I'm Penelope and Ada of Vintage Sheet Addict has paired us up as swap partners. I'm so excited about all your beautiful fabrics and can't wait to have a proper look at all your beautiful things. The moshi monster zoo made me smile,my Alice who is 12 in year 7 now collected these much to my horror at the expense! a couple of years ago, goodness knows where they are now... ho hum such are collecting trends with the little people :o)

    Please pop over to my blog and send me an email or a comment about what colour fingerless gloves you'd like me to crochet up, I'm only too have to have an excuse to be making these for you xox Penelope

  17. oops sorry I meant to say "only too happy to have an excuse..."

  18. Lovely pics and loving the vintage wallpaper and the quilt ,all the best for the coming year xx

  19. ..... and a very happy new year to you too!
    some happy little peeps there, love the moshi zoo, so sweet
    love jooles x


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