Thursday, 7 February 2013

Swapping again

After enjoying LaaLaa's Advent Swap so much I thought to myself I could get into this sending gifts to strangers lark. Luckily for me Ada at Vintage Sheet Addict was organising a swap between makers. The second bit of luckiness was heading my way in the form of Penelope from L is for Love. Penelope was my partner and offered to crochet me a pair of fingerless gloves in my favourite colour. Hmmm wonder what that might be...
In return I'd offered to make Penelope a cushion and she immediately spied this one in my Etsy shop. I must admit I was a tad relieved when she replied with her choice so quickly. I'd have felt rather embarassed had she not liked anything I had on offer!
As the cushion was a bit of a doddle having already been made I also made Penelope this lavender heart to match.
Last week I was very ridiculously over the top excited to hear the gloves were ready.
Time to package up the goodies and they each headed East and Westward along the coast to their new owners.
This evening I came home to a lovely surprise. A carefully wrapped bluey green kind of surprise with a mermaid badge.
 I opened the little extra first, one of my favourite brooches from Acorn & Will.
 Then on to the biggy... I am thrilled to bits. My gloves are such a stunning colour and made from lovely cotton feeling yarn.
 I wanted to wear them all evening but did have to take them off to cook. I thought frying onions was probably not the way to treat them!
Now I can't wait to put them on in the morning. I'm on a training course and today there was no heating which will be the perfect excuse to wear them all day tomorrow. I've even got the perfect dress to accessorize them...
Penelope, I couldn't have asked for anything nicer. I love them, thank you so much .


  1. What a fantastic swap! You've both made each other some beautiful gifts! Makes all the sorting out worth it! :) x

    1. Have you ever thought of a career in match making...? x

  2. Those gloves are beautiful - I've been thinking about making myself some and this has persuaded me I think!

    I agree that Ada did a fabulous job of match making. My swap was fantastic!!!

  3. What a lovely swap - your cushion and heart are beautiful. I love the pom pom trim!

  4. Beautiful photos!

  5. Bless Penelope she made you a wonderful gift swap those gloves are beautiful i adore the little flower edging its transformed them into something special. Your cushion and heart are lovely to and im sure the lady who will be getting them will love them as much as you do your gloves. Have a lovely weekend, dee x

  6. Oh they are gorgeous what a perfect pair of swappers you made and what a perfect pair you received!
    Daisy x

  7. Those mitts are so gorgeous! Great colour and I love the little flower detail on each wrist. And your swap was, of course, lovely too. Isn't blogging brilliant??

    Gillian x

    ps I'm a big fan of Acorn & Will's brooches too - I have quite a few!

  8. Wow, what a beautiful uplifting all the bits, lucky ladies!
    happy weekend ...............Nattie x

  9. Wooo Hooo I am so pleased you like them! I love my cushion and can't stop staring and stroking it!! thank you so much, I could not have asked for a more stunning swap, the heart keeps beating its lavender heartbeats into my home.
    The yarn I used was a gorgeous Swedish yarn, I'm just about to blog about it all too x Hope you managed to take them off before bedtime:o) Have a great weekend xox much love P x

  10. I LOVE a swap!! beautiful makes from you lovely.
    fee x

  11. What a fabulous swop Ellie, I am so envious of Penelope's cushion, and your mitts are perfect :)

  12. What a charming blog. Dropping in from Ontario, Canada. Deb (found you through Country Rabbit)

  13. Love the cushion ... love the mitts. Love your vintage hearts in the previous post too - I'm not surprised they're flying off the shelves (or out of the basket as it were). M x

  14. Elles sont vraiment magnifique!!!! Bravo

  15. Hi, I am a very old friend of Penny's and followed her link here to your beautiful blog. Love all the vintage treasures. xxx Bronwen


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