Sunday, 9 October 2011

Cheery uppy

It's been a funny old week here. Unfortunately we had a 999 moment when Mr Jam's dad was rushed to hospital on Monday night and things generally went downhill from there. Luckily he's been allowed home but it's all been a bit of a worry for Mr Jam. So today we treated him to a cheery uppy kind of day courtesy of Mr Tesco. We traded points for tickets earlier in the summer and have been waiting for a quiet day to visit Longleat.
All my jammers enjoying an autumn picnic.
Even though it was a day out for Mr Jam he did have to drive as my 2CV is decidely untigerproof! However he did brave the monkeys and the car came out intact. For the smallest jammers the highlight was not the monkeys but the nutter in the car in front who decided to stop the car and get out in the monkey enclosure. After that drama they spotted people throwing food at the giraffes and wanted to know why they weren't thrown out immediately!
The other creature who was looking cheered up was Anne the Elephant. Britain's last circus elephant was rescued in April but you can google her to read the full story.
After the safari park and the smaller animals we headed off to the play area. Usually my idea of hell but I did enjoy the mirrors. Here we are as the short fat family...
...then I seem to have got pregnant (with triplets by the look of it!)
but finally I think I like tall skinny best... if only!
So all in all a blurry kind of week with visits from Mr Jam's brother and then his nephew came up from Cornwall. I only managed a smatter of makes in all the chaos. You might recognise the flirty fabric wallets from Mollie Makes.
They will be coming with me on Saturday to the Bridport Vintage Fair. Details on the right hand bar.


  1. Hope Mr Jam Snr is fully recovered. Wishing you have a successful day at Bridport. M x

  2. Have been meaning to visit Longleat for ages, now you have reminded me, thanks. Love those wallets, you've done a good job, I must go back through my magazine and dig the instructions out.
    Thanks for your comment by the way. I did make the pink cushion many moons ago. It's been thoroughly "catted" since. I've kept meaning to make more but I rarely crochet these days. So much fabric, so little time, know what I mean?! Good luck at Briddy.
    Hen x

  3. Sorry to hear of your family stress. Hope all going more smoothly now... Good luck at the Fair in Bridport on Saturday. Lizzie xx


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