Saturday, 29 October 2011

Spooky Stuff!

Meowww - This was the first product of our pumpkin!

And this delicious soup from the Dorset Echo mag the second! Both have been enjoyed this evening.
But now we've blown out the candles and the trick or treaters seem to have taken the hint. Two little Jammers in bed and some peace and quiet at last.

Late on Friday afternoon we headed out for some Halloween fun.
Nothing very spooky so far but just had to stop and appreciate how lucky we are to live where we do.

We had a brief stop on the Chesil to check the sun had gone to bed. Why? Because we wanted it dark, really dark for our little witches.

Where were we heading? Abbotsbury Sub Tropical Gardens of course! We finally cashed in the third of our Abbotsbury tickets courtesy of Mr Tesco. The gardens don't appeal hugely to us so to make the most of the ticket we went to a floodlit evening. Children were encouraged to come in fancy dress and they did!

Eldest Jammer loved the Bugfest SW tent and got up close and personal with a whole array of creepy crawlies. I can't quite get used to my blonde girl with her black wig. I should though as it's probably how she'll end up. I started off in life very blonde!!

By the time we were bugged out it was proper dark outside. Want to come with us on a walk round the garden? Lanterns to the left please!

Down the steps and off we go.

The plants were lit with various colour lights and I got a bit snap happy with the camera...

We were supposed to be spotting pumpkins with letters to spell out something but as we went without a pen we didn't get far. C..h....?

There was much screeching to be heard and I think a lot of it was down to these two creatures.

Or maybe this lot?

We ended up at the laser show, they loved it... enough said!

Happy Halloween to you.

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  1. That cat pumkin is amazing...i love it,I gave my daughter free reign and she did a pineapple!!...don't ask :-) xx


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