Friday, 14 October 2011


Just a reminder about this lovely event tomorrow. Lots of great stalls and Chris and Sheena do fab food too!
I've been trying to make some more things to take with me this week but have been distracted by the garden. Having been without a garden for several years I am amazed at what we're getting in October. Strawberries for example. I picked this lot yesterday - a surprise for the jammers when they open their lunchboxes today!
Despite being decidely autumny now there are still surprising bursts of colour...
...including my new sofa cover complete with a few new cushions for tomorrow.
I loved making these little wallets so much
that I had a go at some bigger ones.
Perfect for all your special bits and bobs!
Might see you tomorrow!


  1. WoW! English Strawberries in Ocotober!
    They look scrummy
    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. We're still eating tomatoes at every meal! Hope you have a fab day tomorrow. M x

  3. Wow the sofa is amazing!! Need, and want!
    Happy weekend x
    Nattie x

  4. Strawberries, wow! Love the cushions but seriously jealous of the old Cath K fabric in the bottom photo... Hope the market goes well for you.
    Hen x

  5. Hi Ellie, do you have an ever lasting supply of yummy cat fabric, does it grow from tree's in your garden!? :-) your things you made are lovely.
    Secret to dieting, is really go to a group, the humiliation of being weighed and not loosing weight is mighty! But, joking aside slimming world has been great, more of a science thing, with food combinations increasing weight gain, it really works. I wouldn't say it hasn't been hard but, so, so worth it...hope that helps
    Sophie xx
    P.s good luck in Bridport x

  6. Hi Ellie, Hope Bridport went well? Are you and the jammers coming to Frome? Lizzie x


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