Friday 21 October 2011

Introducing Ruby

Today was a very unusual day; a child free day! The last time Mr Jam and I had a day to ourselves was over a year go so today was long overdue. I was heading to Lyme Regis anyway to deliver some of my stock for my friend Caroline's new shop. I persuaded Mr Jam he needed a day off, which he did and even persuaded him I should drive!

First stop was The Town Mill Bakery as Mr Jam has normally had several coffees at work by now. We loved the open kitchen, the communal tables and friendly staff (hope you're reading and thanks for letting me take photos!).

We were very restrained and resisted these, but had a great cup of coffee

before we headed off to meet Caroline at Ruby Rockcake. Caroline has been selling retro homewares through her regular stall at Bridport Saturday Market as well as at fairs. Now she's finally taken the plunge and opened a colourful little shop in Broad Street, Lyme Regis.

Ruby Rockcake is filled with well chosen retro goodies.

Spot my cushions and a fox!

Pretty displays on a vintage kitchen cabinet.

Scandi tea towels...

and retro china.

We took a wander down to the pretty Town Mill

and Mr Jam's brew-dar sniffs out the Town Mill Brewery

where we sample the Black Ven, chat to the friendly people and bring some beer home (of course).

Now I'm not really a lunch person during the week - yesterday was a bag of crisps, often it's some sweets! I'd have happily settled for an icecream today but Mr Jam insisted on something more substantial so we ended up in the Millside Restaurant...

... for a posh ploughmans.

A walk back up to the car with a quick dip into Ginger Beer.

By the time we left to go and pick up the little jammers from school the sun was in full swing. Just time for a quick stop for some views.
Here's my gorgeous boy - Charlie Charleston!!

Love these colours.

And finally my favourite view.

Enjoy your half term


  1. Ellie, what an amazing blog post.
    Firstly I love the idea of the communal breakfast, so much so, that I feel that my eco community group should do this- what a wondeful way to bring people together- thank you xxx
    Plus, I am in the throws of opening my own shop at the moment, but would love to visit your friends shop. I think our clan are planning a trip down that way soon. You have the best week sweetheart x

  2. What a fantastic view! No other country in the world does cliffs and sea like us!!

    K xx

  3. Oh my, so many beautiful pictures! Thanks for dropping by my blog, I would love to see your orange lanterns if you indeed decide to make the little project (have fun!). Hope you have a great weekend



  4. Oooh a day out to one of my favourite towns and you went to all my favourite places! See you next Sunday?! M x

  5. what a wonderful place and the stores are so sweet!

  6. hey - thanks for popping over to mine (and joining in my giveaway too!)
    So, I knew I was going to like your blog as soon as I'd spotted the key words (vintage, Dorset, shop etc!) but this post is so up my street.
    Your day out looks perfect (especially your pals shop) and oh, how my heart sighs for the love of a 2CV. We had three in our younger days and have very few photos of them - i would so have another! so much fun to drive.
    Anyway - off to add you to my sidebar
    fee x


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