Thursday, 23 August 2012

Amsterdam (again - lucky me!)

A couple of weeks ago we had a long weekend with my sister in Amsterdam.
She took us to Madurodam...
Yes it's a miniature Holland. I was a little sceptical to start with thinking it might just be a load of small houses but it was fantastic. There weren't just miniature houses and famous buildings but factories, an airport, harbour, school, even a moving fairground.
The attention to detail was amazing. The more you looked the more you spotted.
The school photograph being taken.
The rock concert. All the people were different and a lot of them moved!
I decided I'd love a job as a props maker and then we found my future place of work.
This is life size! It is the studio where all the props are made.
We even spotted a mini Mr Magoo in the window!
Dotted around were activities for children.

The little jammers enjoyed measuring their weight in cheeses and then trying to lift the equivalent.
They pumped very hard to keep the floodgates shut!
The littlest enjoyed watching for the train.
Finally there was a clog factory. 1 Euro in the slot bought you the sound of miniature workers hammering away inside then ker-plunk a mini pair of clogs flew down the shute into a truck. The truck duly 'drove' round and delivered the clogs to a very happy customer!!
Thankfully a dry day but you can see the rain clouds moving in from the train window.
Sadly the weather was no better than here!


  1. What a fantastic place, I would spend hours in there! Ada :)

  2. It looks brilliant! I have a thing for model villages, they fascinate me. All that attention to detail. It's the same with dolls houses. I bet your children loved it too. x

  3. I love the model village at beaconsfield

  4. That looks amazing!! I love little villages, everyone frozen in time, it looks wonderful, x


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