Monday, 27 August 2012

Littlest Jammer's Wash Day

Back in the hot weather (remember that?) I had a bit of a washing frenzy. Taking advantage of being able to dry things really quickly in the SUN hit the poor old washing machine hard. Judging by the noises coming from it I think a new one will be needed soon!
anyway littlest Jammer was intrigued by the quantity and variety of stuff going in and out of the machine. She decided some toys might need a wash.
It started off with dolly who was looking rather grubby and ended up with a machine full of 'bed friends'. I will explain. bed friends are the numerous small cuddly toys that accompany her to bed every night. they take over the bedd and leave very little room in her little bed for her. these are probably her favourite toys and get played with all the time.
So she delighted in loading them up
and squealed at them dancing around the drum.
One fast wash later (you can't wait too long) and they were ready for the best bit
going down the garden (Don't ask about the hat - I know most children wear sunhats on hot days...)
for a swing on the line!
This brought back fond memories of washing doll's clothes and toys when I was little.
So here they are at the end of the day. Clean and dry and all in their own bed compartments.
Night night!


  1. That bought back memories, of dolly, dolly clothes and water in the garden!
    My mum didn't have washing machine then!
    Julie xxxxxx

  2. I remember doing that for my youngest son and he used to get really upset when I pegged his favourite ted George out on the line by his ears. I tried not to wash it too often! Notice you have got makka pakka, my youngest granddaughter loves him!

  3. reminds me of the time I hung out my daughters very cheap toy rabbit on the line. She was about 2 and threw herself down in the mud underneath Reggie in a horrible distressed tantrum as that was her 'soother' toy. So I unpinned Reggie and put him in the oven to dry. Have you ever put foam chips in the oven? Not a pretty site or smell. Adriane took one look at him and said 'Bye-bye Reggie'

  4. We used to have a little washing line strung up in our conservatory when the girls were little, they loved! She will have lots of nice smelling toys!
    P.s. yes bid for suitcases! It's great fun! Ada :)

  5. That's so sweet, I'm thinking you were lucky to have some blue skies to dry them too :) xxxxx

  6. delightful. brings back memories of my daughter, noe 39, sleeping with all her soft toys including a large pink panther, still have him. yep and still have ted, and monkey, and barney, and her brothers doggy. ahhh, where did the years go. treasure them. blessings, trills.:-)

  7. That is very cute. We have gazillions of toys here who could do with some of that treatment! x

  8. Ah bless her, now they are all clean
    Thea x

  9. Aww, cute. My youngest wore a wool hat for about 2 years solid, I have a photo somewhere of him in the sea in swimming trunks in a wooly hat :0) x

  10. I love striped flannelette sheets, what a lovely cosy bed for the teddies.
    My 10 year old still has his threadbare comforter for a cuddle.

  11. A lovely post. KP still has cuddly toys that she takes to bed with her - she operates a rota system as I have said "No more than 6 toys on the bed at one time!"

  12. I hope you don't mind but I have nominated you for a leibster award over at my blog from tomorrow. Don't worry if you don't want to play, it's ok. Glad I found your blog. Sarah x

  13. That's too cute! Love them all lined up in their dormitory. It's a standing joke with the Munchkin that I say his various furry toys are dirty and need to go in the wash and he pretends to get upset and won't let me! Your way is much better.
    Hen x

  14. What a delightful blog,found purely by accident! I shall enjoy following your escapades. Sarah xx

  15. This is such a sweet idea! And it reminds me that all our soft toys are in dire need of a wash - maybe when we have a hot, sunny day. x


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