Saturday, 11 August 2012

Makes and a walk

Today I photographed some new cushions I've been making this week.
 Some for my etsy shop (blatant advertising - sorry) and some for my sofa!
Then off to one of my favourite places for a walk -  Arne Nature Reserve.
A nice stroll through the woods and heath.
Loads of Sika Deer about today.
 Eventually we arrive at the 'beach'.
The edge of Poole Harbour complete with all the little islands.
Sadly all a bit cloudy by the time we got there.
Fantastic tree we saw on the walk.
 The jammers had to try and get inside!


  1. They are lovely, your sofa looks so inviting and fresh! :)

    Jerra xx

  2. Love the photos of the Nature Reserve and so many deer. Love the photo of the Jammers and the quirky tree!

  3. wonderful cushions- love the pattern style. look fabby on your sofa ;0)
    Such a beautiful walk, thanks for sharing it- i love the deer and views mum has a thing for tree's and i often try and look for unusual patterns in them with her and sometimes faces ;0) your little girls- happy sisters ;0)x

  4. The cushions are really great - you shouldn't feel guilty about advertising your Etsy shop - advertise away!! They look gorgeous all piled on the white sofa, the colours all work together somehow and nothing clashes. Good job! x

  5. They are great and I notice they are in all your (and my) favourite colours!

  6. Your cushions match perfectly with your post today, wonderful colours! I love bark cloth, obviously I have been concentrating on vintage sheets but I'm spreading my wings a little lately, and bark cloth is a big pull! Ada :)

  7. What a gorgeous path to the fun. Your pillows are beautiful! I enjoyed browsing your blog today and have signed on to follow.


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