Thursday, 30 August 2012

Enid Blyton III

Last week the little jammers and I had a treaty day out.
We embarked on what we thought was the final part of our Enid Blyton trail but to make it a bit more fun I decided we'd go by boat.
There's nothing quite like messing around on a boat so they say. So we caught the boat from Wareham Quay
and sailed off down the river
and watched it grow wider and wider

until we spotted Brownsea Island and realised we'd arrived in Poole Harbour.

This was our destination. We were heading to Poole Museum to collect our next clue. The eldest Jammer had been here before with a friend and kept telling me about the 1940's floor and how I'd love it.
She knows me well! I cooed over the shop and chemist but not the dentist.
I love these kind of old chemist drawers with the lettering and cut glass handles. I've bid on them at auction before but never rich enough to get lucky!
We admired the electric shoe driers!
 And then what she'd really been waiting for and I'd already heard all about. Take a peak through the window and you'll see she's made herself at home.
The 1940's kitchen!
We love and use lots of this kind of stuff at home and 12 years ago kitchenalia was what we were dealing in. So much went to Japan and America it was unbelievable.
 Luckily it was all very child friendly and the lady said they could put the apron on and get stuck in. And that is exactly what they did. They read the old recipe books and baked me Egg Mornay! They cooked imaginary biscuits and offered them to other bemused visitors.
I love the way role play is still one of their favourite forms of play.
I couldn't decide whether I loved the cooker or the chairs best.
The cooker would have looked perfect in our old kitchen a couple of houses back which was all cream and green '40's style.
I am pretty sure the kitchen was the highlight of their day. Shame they can't remember my version of it but then they wouldn't have got excited about it.
We ended up skipping the last clue as we didn't have time to do it justice. Something saved for another day.
Now I'm off to look for photos of my old kitchen. I have a feeling they may be pre digital but I'll post one on here if I find them.


  1. Love the sound of your kitchen. Looks like a good day out, thanks for sharing the photos.
    Hen x

  2. How fabulous, would love to play house in that kitchen ... shoe driers ... what a great idea! xx

  3. Wow that kitchen is great, when my children were younger we had our own home corner in the conservatory, not as good as this one though! Brill! Ada :)

  4. What a wonderful day!

  5. What a wonderful place, I can remember my Aunt having a cooker like that! your daughters looked like they had fun.
    Thea x

  6. I've always wanted to visit Brownsea Island. Love your photos. That kitchen looks fab. Love the 1940's green on the oven.

  7. That kitchen is adorable....I want one just like it!What a fun day....would so love to visit one day. xox Happy weekend.

  8. Oh wow, that kitchen is amazing! I love it, especially the cabinet. And the pretty. I've really enjoyed your Enid Blyton posts. x


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